Adorable Airport, Jacqueline Lyons


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Jacqueline Lyons’ Adorable Airport does the seemingly impossible: while invoking flight at every turn, and while circling through seasons and Time__she paradoxically suspends all movement, suspends all Time. In this book we are able to look at this world while it has been momentarily stopped, as a film can be stopped in order to think harder about what it means to be here.
—Sarah Vap

Reading Adorable Airport in an unadorable and overadorned airport on my way out of low-desert Arizona in high summer, I’m reminded of how useful seasons are in tracking the progress of lives and loves and all the vees these vessels contain. Hives, olives, eves, waves, leaves, and explosives: these are just a few of the phenomena investigated in this book. I hear echoes of Dickinson, Williams, and Stein, but Inger Christensen and Walter Abish also haunt this joint, as do the Talking Heads, which is to say if you like good things, you’ll like this good thing.
—Ander Monson