Down Low and Lowdown: Timothy Liu’s Bedside Bottom-Feeder Blues, Timothy Liu


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These poems are unruly, naughty, looking for trouble, not poems you’d want to recite at a traditional Thanksgiving table where proper etiquette rears its gagged head. These poems sample cultural Highs and Lows, unafraid to rhyme “Rumi & Shams” with “pressed hams.” For the faint of heart, this book is not and never was. For all others, this book is a manual full of poignant heartbreak, a menu leftover from a raunchy feast that left everyone feeling stuffed.

American Poetry

No voices for miles around.
A glint caught my eye nonetheless.
A pair of child’s sandals.
Left at the foot of an abandoned well.
A rope thrown down.
Any tug at all comes as a surprise.


Timothy Liu’s previous books of poems include Vox Angelica (Poetry Society of America’s
Norma Farber First Book Award), Say Goodnight (PEN/Open Book Beyond Margins Award) and
Of Thee I Sing (a Publishers Weekly Book-of-the-Year). Translated into over a dozen languages,
his poems have appeared in American Poetry Review, Best American Poetry, The Nation, The New Republic, The New York Times Book Review, Paris Review, Poetry, The Pushcart Prize, Virginia Quarterly Review, Washington Post Book World and The Yale Review. His journals and papers are archived in the Berg Collection at the New York Public Library. A reader of occult esoterica, he lives in Manhattan and Woodstock, NY.