Shoreditch, Miguel Murphy


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LAMBDA nomination in Best Gay Poetry 2022

Miguel Murphy’s poems—terse, grave, erudite—offer gleaming surfaces for a reader to savor: traces of a heroic, louche tradition, where Novarro, Genet, Lorca, Pasolini, and other role models still make possible new discoveries about martyrdom and ecstasy. In Shoreditch, we cruise the epitaphs, reenact the melodramas, and taste the paradoxes, almost Sapphic in their concentration, their hieratic fruit-forwardness. Murphy tailors the pleasure-pain conundrum in a sublimely minimalist style that I want always to be wearing.”
—Wayne Koestenbaum


Miguel Murphy is the author of Shoreditch (Barrow Street Press, 2021), Detainee (Barrow Street Press, 2016), and A Book Called Rats, winner of The Blue Lynx Prize for Poetry. He lives in Southern California where he teaches at Santa Monica College.